Upcoming course

Basic Course in Ornithology — Starts January 2023
Duration: 12 weeks
Platform: Online, on NPTEL
Enrolment fee: Free
Final exam (for those who wish to receive a certificate, costs Rs 1,000)

The course intends to introduce students to the scientific study of birds (ornithology). It covers basics of a range of topics like bird anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, behaviour, conservation. It is ideal for students pursuing their Bachelors and Masters degree in life sciences and for those who want to explore ornithology as a career option. It is also useful for birdwatchers and other enthusiasts from among the larger public who wish to learn about the formal discipline of ornithology.

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is a collaboration between seven Indian Institutes of Technology together with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. NPTEL offers over 2,000 online courses, which feed into the Government of India’s SWAYAM platform. Students in most colleges and universities in India can take NPTEL/SWAYAM courses for academic credit.



Past courses

  • Basic Course in Ornithology (2022)

A “Basic Course in Ornithology” was conducted for the first time on NPTEL platform from January – April 2022.
A total of 5,045 participants registered for the course. The participants came from diverse backgrounds and it was a perfect mix of students and nature enthusiasts. This 12-week academic course included 30+ hours of lectures and a very engaging live interaction with faculty every week. The videos of lectures are available here.

Faculty included Anand Krishnan (IISER, Bhopal), Manjari Jain (IISER, Mohali), Mousumi Ghosh (NCF), Rajah Jayapal (SACON), Suhel Quader (NCF), Umesh Srinivasan (IISc), VV Robin (IISER, Tirupati). Teaching assistant was Jobin Varughese (IISER, Tirupati) and the course was coordinated by Devica Ranade (NCF).

  • Course in Basic Ornithology (2019)

To introduce Bachelors and Masters students to ornithology research, in 2019, a course in Basic Ornithology was organised at IISER Tirupati.
A total of 90 students participated in this intensive 3-day course, which was aimed at educating and encouraging students to pursue a career in ornithological research and conservation. A range of topics was covered during this course, including anatomy, evolution, ecology, behaviour, basics of study design and field and lab techniques.
Recordings of these lectures can be found here.

Faculty included Anand Krishnan (IISER, Bhopal),Ashwin Viswanathan (NCF), Manjari Jain (IISER, Mohali), Mousumi Ghosh (NCF), Rajah Jayapal (SACON), Suhel Quader (NCF), Umesh Srinivasan (IISc), VV Robin (IISER, Tirupati), with valuable inputs from Rajah Jayapal (SACON). The course was coordinated by Rohan Menzies (NCF).