Manjari Jain

The primary focus of my research is to understand evolution of acoustic signals. Complexity in bird vocalisations is reflected in the diversity, organisation and function of vocalisations. We are interested in studying both the diversity and complexity of vocal signals, and their evolutionary drivers. We combine field-based observations and experiments on various avian model systems with a special focus on social babblers. We also work on biodiversity monitoring using bioacoustics. I actively participate in public outreach and engagement with children and believe in striving for better accountability of scientist to the society.

IISER Mohali
Biological Sciences
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Faculty/ PI/ Scientist at a University, Institute or NGO
Associate Professor
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Behaviour--Bioacoustics, Behaviour--Social behaviour, Evolution
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North-western India, Western Himalayas

Interns, Masters students seeking a thesis guide, PhD students, Post-docs, Independent researchers
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Summer interns: IISER Mohali has a summer internship programme. You can to apply through that or through the Indian Academy of Science summer internship programme. Aside from that I do not take interns.
MS thesis: Masters students must write at least 6 months in advance of commencement of Master thesis.
PhD students: Details of application process to our Phd programme can be found on the website, please read it before you write to me.
Postdocs: IISERM also has limited postdoctoral fellowships (currently occupied) but I am happy to help you write a proposal for your independent grant if you wish to work with us.
Faculty and others: I welcome collaborations from Indian ornithologists.