Samira Agnihotri

Setting up a long term study to examine the effects of climate change on the breeding biology of the Greater racket-tailed drongo in the Biligiri Rangan Hills. Also collaborate with Soliga/Solega community members and linguist Dr Aung Si, on language and TEK revitalisation:

Currently working at IISc’s Office of Communications:

Designation type:
Independent researcher
State/Union Territory:
Primary focus:
Primary area of study:
Behaviour--Bioacoustics, Behaviour--General, Ethno-ornithology
Primary field sites:

Biligiri Rangan Hills

Volunteers, Others
Other Opportunities:
Volunteers interested in the tedious tasks of data entry and data management, or developing small apps for the same, are most welcome.
Futher information on opportunities:

Currently, no funds available for volunteers or interns.