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Bhoj Kumar Acharya
I am currently working at the Department of Zoology, Sikkim University. I have been undertaking research on e […]
Girish Jathar
Eastern Himalaya - We are looking at impact of climate change on two bird groups (Finches and Pheasants) in c […]
Gopinathan Maheswaran
I have been working on the ecology of long-legged wading birds especially storks and herons in north and nort […]
Nameer PO
Our lab primarily works on the natural history and biogeography of the birds of the southern Indian region, p […]
Rajah Jayapal
I would describe myself as a chronicler of Indian birds, with my primary interest being taxonomy, distributio […]
Sivakumar Kuppusamy
My first wildlife research was on the Breeding Behaviour of the Nicobar megapode that I have been continuing […]