Rajah Jayapal

I would describe myself as a chronicler of Indian birds, with my primary interest being taxonomy, distribution, and natural history of birds. In addition, I have been closely associated with quite a few research studies on forest bird communities and macroecology of birds.

My recent projects included a nationwide survey of population status of synanthropic birds of India (birds that thrive in human-modified ecosystems) with particular focus on House Sparrow and House Crow and their response to urbanization. Currently, we are working on identification and prioritisation of bird conservation issues for State Level Action Plan of Birds of Madhya Pradesh.

Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History
Designation type:
Faculty/ PI/ Scientist at a University, Institute or NGO
Senior Principal Scientist
State/Union Territory:
Tamil Nadu
Primary focus:
Theory/Computation, Field
Primary area of study:
Ecology--Community ecology, Ecology--Macroecology, Natural history
Primary field sites:

Central Indian Highlands, Western Himalayas, East coast, West coast, Deccan plateau

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