Narayan Sharma

My research interests lie broadly in the field of ecology, conservation biology, primatology, ecological pedagogy, urban ecology, human ecology and human-wildlife interaction. I am an advocate for Citizen Science and takes initiative to take ecological and environmental sciences to the general public and popularize it. I, along with my student, am currently working on how urbanisation is impacting the bird communities in Guwahati city of Assam. I am also collaborating with Dr VV Robin, IISER Tirupati to examine the impact of noise on the bird assemblages in Guwahati.

Cotton University
Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences
Designation type:
Faculty/ PI/ Scientist at a University, Institute or NGO
Assistant Professor
State/Union Territory:
Primary focus:
Theory/Computation, Field
Primary area of study:
Citizen Science, Conservation, Ecology--Community ecology
Primary field sites:

Guwahati; Upper Brahmaputra Valley

Volunteers, Interns, Post-docs, Independent researchers
Futher information on opportunities:

If you are interested to work in my department, do drop me an email. Currently, I cannot support you financially. I am looking for volunteers and interns to work with me in Guwahati on bird ecology.