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Girish Jathar
Eastern Himalaya - We are looking at impact of climate change on two bird groups (Finches and Pheasants) in c […]
Jaydev Mandal
While studying the birds, I have developed interest in many aspects of Ornithology starting from their life h […]
Nameer PO
Our lab primarily works on the natural history and biogeography of the birds of the southern Indian region, p […]
Narayan Sharma
My research interests lie broadly in the field of ecology, conservation biology, primatology, ecological peda […]
Panchapakesan Jeganathan
We conduct long-term research, monitoring and conservation of globally threatened birds and their habitat esp […]
Peroth Balakrishnan
My lab work on various aspects of wildlife biology. We are interested in avian life history evolution, breedi […]
Raman Kumar
Most of my research has focussed on community ecology of birds in the context of anthropogenic modification o […]
Sumit Dookia
GIB Community Conservation Program (in collaboration with ERDS Foundation NGO, in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) Red- […]